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42 shades of pink

OK, so if you got here by clicking on a comment I made – let me just start by saying learning takes place everyday in my world… and I am trying to make sure that it links to my craft blog when you click on me… so, here is the link to the blog – sorry for the confusion!!!

42 shades of pink…


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So, the title to our blog comes from a song by Steven Curtis Chapman – “The Great Adventure” – I am going to try to find the link to that story and put it here so you can read that if you want….

Well, this summer, after many hours of discussion, debate and prayer, Chris and I made the decision to start home schooling the kids – well, for now it is just Kaitlin and Eli, but I think we will be adding Emma next year. One of the things that I wanted to do when I started the home schooling venture was start a blog about it – one where the kids could chat with some of their friends (via posts – creative writing, computer skills you get the idea) about their home school experience and one where we can share some of their triumphs, projects and experiences with our family and friends. Of course, my mind started searching for the “perfect blog name” (you all know my OCD tendencies!) and I finally settled on “Dive” – another Steven Curtis Chapman song!

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